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Earth Day

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Earth Day is on April 22nd and campuses across the state will be hosting events during Earth Week to raise awareness about the devastating consequences to our environment of tobacco growing, curing, and use.  CYAN offers free support and resources to any college campus that would like to host an event and raise awareness on their campus.  By registering with CYAN for Earth Day, campuses will receive: free tote bags to give to students on campus, free Event Turnkey Kit with event ideas and forms, free educational materials (posters) to post around campus, and free cigarette butt pickup event protocols and forms.

Registration will Open February 2019


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The Earth Day Turnkey Kit provides a collection of ideas for hosting an event on campus. The Turnkey Kit includes sample media such as a news advisory, press release, and advertisements; Earth Day event ideas; cigarette butt litter cleanup tips; and other resources to support your campus event.

Earth Day Turnkey Kit - Full PDF

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We encourage all campuses to host Cigarette Butt Pickup Events in the weeks leading up to Earth Day.  Collected butts can be displayed in a clear, smell-proof container at your event.  If you've collected and saved butts over the years, your display can show your campus community the progress that you've made over the years.  If this is your first time collecting butts, your display will show your campus that there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

CYAN Cigarette Butt Pickup Event Protocol 

By using CYAN's Cigarette Butt Pickup Event Protocol each year, you will be able to accurately compare your results year after year.  In addition, your data will be combined with campuses across the state to learn more about the impact of smoke and tobacco-free policies as well as the effectiveness of different implementation and enforcement strategies.

Send your data in by March 30th and your campus will be entered to win $50 worth of gift cards.  Ten, $5 gift cards will be sent to the winners so that they can distribute the cards to any staff or volunteers that helped with the event.  Five winners will be drawn on May 1st.

Data must entered into the Data Collection Form that is provided in the Kit.

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