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Advocating for a
Tobacco-Free California

The California Youth Advocacy Network (CYAN) changes the tobacco use culture in California’s high schools, colleges and universities, military installations, and other youth and young adult communities by providing knowledge, skills, and tools to create local change for healthier communities. CYAN provides training and technical assistance to individuals, organizations, and coalitions advocating for tobacco-free communities.


Supporting engagement and advocacy.


Empowering California’s youth to create tobacco-free environments. CYAN’s Youth Program supports the development of youth-adult partnerships in order to effectively advocate for social norm change in local communities.


The CYAN Military Program, Project UNIFORM, creates military-civilian partners to address tobacco use in military communities by supporting culturally appropriate tobacco prevention and treatment strategies for service members and Veterans.



Through training, education, and support, CYAN is partnering with student and public health advocates to eliminate tobacco and
tobacco industry presence on California college and university campuses.

emerging tobacco

Youth and young adults are more likely to use new and emerging tobacco and nicotine products than any other age group population. In order to combat this reality, CYAN provides support and resources to organizations striving to prevent young people from tobacco use.

What's New

New Youth Materials!

We have added a few new designs to our Myths & Realities Fact Cards including: a revised Vape card showing some of the more recent generations of Vape devices; a card focusing on Pens; and a card focusing on Cigarillos.

In our fact sheet section, see the latest information on Emerging Electronic Tobacco Products.

2019 College and University Smoke/Tobacco-Free Policy Report Card

The Report grades all 147 public colleges and universities on their current tobacco use policies.  The aim of the Report Card is to educate and encourage college decision makers to adopt and implement comprehensive smoke/tobacco-free policies that promote good health and wellness for all members of their campus community.

2019 Full Report

2019 Full Report

2019 Summary Handout

2019 Summary Handout



CYAN supports tobacco-free prevention and advocacy throughout the California. We provide resources such as program-specific educational materials, tools, and fact sheets as well as web-based trainings to increase knowledge and capacity of tobacco control advocates.



Educational Materials

CYAN’s educational materials are designed for youth and young adults. The goal of these materials is to increase awareness of the realities of new and emerging tobacco products, prevent tobacco use, and encourage quit attempt among young people.

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Fact Sheets & tools

A variety of fact sheets, tools, and materials are available for youth, young adult, and tobacco control advocates working to limit tobacco in local communities. The resources range from informational fact sheets to tools to support community engagement and advocacy activities.

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online Trainings

CYAN utilizes web-based technology to provide a range of training opportunities for individuals advocating for smoke/tobacco-free policies as well as those promoting quit attempts. Trainings are available for youth advocates, college students and staff, and military health professionals.

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