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Emerging Products

Our Approach

Youth and young adults are more likely to use new and emerging tobacco products than any other age group population. In order to combat this reality, CYAN strives to increase awareness of the realities of these products among young people. Additionally, our work with this Program focuses on supporting local coalitions in educating decision makers on the impact of emerging tobacco products on youth and young adult communities.


Our Work


As tobacco products continue to change, CYAN is available to provide trainings to tobacco control professionals on the new products and what populations are using them. Trainings are customized based on the audience and desired outcome.

  • Trainings for Adult Coalitions include information on new products and their popularity with youth and young adults.

  • Trainings for Youth Coalitions focus on the harms of the products and strategies for decreasing advertising and access in locat communities.

Technical Assistance

CYAN provides customize assistance to support local tobacco control programs in addressing new and emerging products in their communities. Tailored assistance may include:

  • One-on-one support (in person or by phone)

  • Staff and/or coalition trainings

  • Development of talking points

  • Presentation development

  • Materials development

  • Educational Materials


educational materials

A series of Myth and Reality materials are available for youth and young adults. These resources highlight common misperceptions about emerging products and feature research-supported facts to counter the myths. All materials have been developed in partnership with CYAN’s Youth Board of Directors and COUGH Student Leadership Board and tested by California youth and young adults.

fact sheets

Fact sheets on products popular with youth and young adults are available for those interested in learning more about the products. These resources were developed for an adult audience. Additional materials are in development and will be released soon. Check back for updated materials.