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cyan military program

Our Approach

In 2005, CYAN expanded our work to address tobacco use by active duty service members and Veterans in California. Our Military Program, Project UNIFORM (Undoing Nicotine Influence From Our Respected Military), creates military-civilian partnerships to address tobacco use in military communities by providing culturally appropriate tobacco control information and trainings to existing military cessation programs on installations; collaborating with military support networks to promote cessation services; and educating tobacco control professionals to the culture and existing services within the Armed Forces of the United States.


Our Work


Project UNIFORM offers many customizable trainings for anyone currently working with or interested in working with military communities.

  • Trainings for Tobacco Control Professionals focus on opportunities to partner with, engage, and support military communities. Trainings include tobacco such as: military tobacco use and behavior, providing support to Veterans, and cultural considerations when working with military communities.

  • Trainings for Military Health Professionals are designed to increase awareness of new and emerging tobacco issues, best practices for tobacco treatment, and opportunities to reduce tobacco use among service members and Veterans.

  • Trainings for Service Members and Veterans include topics such as: dangers of using tobacco, industry targeting of military communities, and new and emerging tobacco products.

Technical Assistance

CYAN is committed to providing technical assistance and support to individuals, military installations, health care clinics, college campuses, organizations, and anyone else seeking to address tobacco use and cessation in military communities.  We offer a variety of services to support local efforts.

  • One-on-one support (in person or by phone)

  • Staff and/or coalition trainings

  • Assistance with the development of tobacco treatment programs

  • Assistance with the development of tobacco-related prevention activities

  • Support for educating decision makers and community on tobacco issues

  • Presentation development

  • Materials development


days of action

The CYAN Military Program, Project UNIFORM, supports three statewide days of action including:

  • Veterans Day (November 11)

  • Great American Smokeout (Third Thursday of November)

  • Through With Chew Week (Third Week of February)

Each Day of Action provides a unique opportunity for local partners and health care providers to support military community members in quitting tobacco.


A number of tools and resources are available to support military installations, student veteran centers, veteran serving organizations, and public health professionals support military communities in address tobacco use.

CYAN’s Military Program materials are all available on our Project UNIFORM website,